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The Honored Dead

Blackleaf drunk elven archer Born: Session 1 Died: Session 5

Blackleaf succumbed to the paralyzing poison of a strange worm creature, once paralyzed the worm crawled on top of his body and gripped his face with a mass of tentacles surrounding the worms beak like mouth. The vile worm then forced open the helpless elf’s mouth and spewed a mass of withering young into his throat. After the battle Ragnor the dwarf observed the hundreds of worms crawling into and out of Blackleaf’s orifices and after a futile attempt to remove them mercy killed the elf and burned his body.

Irony: Blackleaf hit the badly wounded worm the same round it attacked him, anything but the 1 he rolled on damage would have killed it.

Ullf surprisingly charismatic but gullible half orc swordsman Born Session 2 Died Session 7

Not surprisingly met his end falling down a pit trap full of rusty spikes after walking towards a suspiciously unguarded pile of treasure. At the time Ulff only had 1 HP left.

Irony: Ryan seemed genuinely concerned that the other PCs would be able to save Ulff before he bleed out and he would not get to roll up a new character.

Ingamar strong but slow mace wielding human warrior Born: Session 1 Died: Session 13

Ingamar fell in the ill-fated assault on a party of Orcs. Ingamar is probably spending his afterlife avoiding questions about how a 3rd level character with an 18 strength fell in combat to less than 10 orcs.

Irony: Ingamar needed an 8 to hit the orcs, but only connected on the last round of combat.

Narn “Cupcake” Giffouldevant powerful but unpopular human war wizard Born Session 6 Died Session 13

Surprising a group of Orcs Narn rushed in to use his area of effect spell, only checking that his hit points were not at full on the next round when the orcs moved to attack. Dropped to only -1 hit points the party largely ignored Narn bleeding out, until they realized they were losing the fight and by then it was every man for himself.

Irony: Narn did more damage in his one round of combat than the rest of the party did in the next 5.

Gulshair a human fighter best described as mediocre Born Session 8 Died Session 13

Gulshair fell against the orcs with his party members, he fought bravely, but like his companions couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn in this skirmish

Irony: Ryan finally rolled a character with decent stats after this characters passing.

Henchman Medicus a human priest built to heal Born Session 25 Died Session 31

Medicus met his fate at the claws of demons, trying to close a portal spewing forth said demons after his companions had fled.

Irony: Medicus had no personality, but was apparently amazingly brave, probably due to the fact he was a henchman.

Henchman Blint a human shepherd turned bloodthirsty killer Born Session 14 Died Session 32

Blint had his head bitten off by a giant undead multi-legged dragon.

Irony: Blint was killed after trying to flee from combat, something he had never done before.

Henchman Thadar a dwarven fighter with a reputation for falling to zero hit points Born Session 14 Died session 38

Thadar was torn asunder by a elemental made of swirling metallic blue sand in a lost crypt on an unknown plane.

Irony: Thadar was bumped up to temporary PC due to a party split, his one chance to earn full XP was cut short.

Yolo very devote human member of the Order of the Crimson Sun Born Session 14 Died Session 43

Died from the bite of an ice giant witch polymorphed in the form of a white salamander.

Irony: Instead of saving his own skin in a tough battle charged into combat because he thought destroying a pagan artifact was more important than living, which you only do once.

Grampthar over the hill former town guard taking one last shot at glory Born Session 14 Died Session 43

While transfixed by the otherworldly beauty of the dancing ice giants thanes daughter was frozen by the breath weapon of an ice giant witch polymorphed in the form of a white salamander.

Irony: Only a few XP away from reaching sixth level Gramps eschewed resting and healing to open “one last door” to see what the strange music was.

Manos Magic using priest of the order of lore who was adept at standing in the back Born: Session 35 Died: Session 47

Manos was turned to stone attempting to defend the party from a cockatrice.

Irony: Steve had rolled up a better stated secondary character, perhaps this was why Manos was so eager to charge a cockatrice?

Rytell Human dual wielding fighter of surprising competence Born: Session 44 Died: Session 47

Rytell was turned to stone by a cockatrice after charging into melee.

Irony: Rytell was the first non-iron man character Derek had played in a long time and he was the character that died the quickest.

Lylby Half Orc fighting priest of the storm god with surprisingly low strength Born: Session 35 Died: Session 47

Lylby died at the hands of plague cultists holding the breach in a dungeon so his party could escape.

Irony: The party wasn’t determined to escaping, but Derek was dead set on getting rid of Lylby and his terrible stats of this iron man character.

Henchman Delston Human warior tasked with guarding the wizard and cleric Born Session 35 Died Session 51

Caught in the super-heated steam breath of a strange frog creature causing him to lose consciousness and fall over the side of a raft sinking to the bottom of a lake.

Irony: The party had just worked a deal to borrow a suit of platemail from the local lord for Delston. The lord requested a deposit due to party’s reputation of losing members on expeditions.

Martox Half-Orc woodsmen Born: Session 48 Died: Session 52

Martox braved the cavern holding the cornered hill giant only to find why the other members of the party were content to wait outside. After being dropped to -18 hit points by the spiked club of the giant, the bloody mess that had been Martox was caught in the blast radius of a fireball in the same round dropping him to -39 hit points.

Irony: Martox was formerly known as the “Cautious” but after missing a session Derek felt the need to catch up on the action and eschewed prudence.

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