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The Imperial Road: an impressive road, paved with stones from the Thaeten Empire this road was once a major thoroughfare from East to West, but now see’s little traffic East of Horon.

Silverway: Dotted with secure way houses this road is well patrolled by the soldiers of the Grey Legions to supplement the caravan guards of the silver caravans.

Dwarfroad: A toll road completed 30 years ago by widening the existing mule trail and building several bridges and tunneling through parts of the mountain to create wagon access to Mornford from Vadiston. This project was founded by a family of Dwarves known as the Sun Hammer Clan.

North Point Road: From Flint to Reavespoint this road is not well traveled as most cargo is moved by barges.

South Point Road: a well-traveled and heavily patrolled road between Reavespoint and Hillcrest. The road is less traveled after Hillcrest and barely maintained.


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