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  • Town Hall
    The peninsula created by the confluence of the Redwash and the Fillian River hold the city offices, though taxes collected from the gates are held at The Hammer Hold and most major town decisions are made in Lord Trihammer’s audience chamber. The first floor of this building serves as a meeting space for city business and tax collection, the top two floors serve as the apartment to Warick Lakeborn the Grey Legions commanding officer in Mornford.
  • Grey Legion Barracks
    Only fifty soldiers call this fortified stone building home, but the building is equipped to hold up to two hundred men and often does when patrols from Vadiston pass through. A stable, coach house, and a smith’s workshop also form part of the barracks outbuildings.
  • The Hammer Hold
    Lord Trihammer has built a small keep outside the walls of the city. The keep itself is only accessible through an underground entrance and has extensive underground rooms, including the lord’s audience chamber and the legendary vault that holds the lord’s silver before it is transported up the Dwarf Road.


  • St. Sorilla
    This is a large two story stone church on the south bank of the Fillian. Construction started five years ago by Lord Trihammer in thanks for his first large strike. The church is still under construction, but holding services. The Church is run by Father Avans a young priest and fourth son of a well off eastern family determined to raise the spirituality of Mornford.
  • River Church
    A small stone and wood church is dug into the earth and partially underground. It has been at the ford for over hundred years and served Mornford before the growth of the city. The church is overseen by Father Traven a former crusader of the Crimson Suns.

The Hammer Hold has a small chapel to the divines, as does the Grey Legion barracks. A small shrine and offering bowl to Morrin sit at the north entrance of the north gate. Tanis has a small shrine as well at the entrance to the cemetery west of town. There is no primal shrines in Mornford proper, but about eight miles east of town a small set of standing stones sits on a high hill overlooking the river. These stones predate the Theaten Empire and are used by worshipers of the local spirits.

Inns and Boarding Houses

  • Dragon’s Flagon
    A large rowdy tap house catering to mercenary guards and prospectors with coin enough to buy the imported ale and wine. The second floor holds a few rooms and for those willing to sleep on the floor the attic has space to rent for the night.
  • High House
    The first floor is dominated by a busy tavern that also serves hard cider, warm soup and bread (occasionally the barkeep has a bottle or two of homemade spirits for sale). The second and third floor has small drafty rooms for rent. This place has seen better days as the owner a miserly dwarf named Fellen Underhome who has not invested in upkeep and counts on the high demand to generate business.
  • Rivers Rest Inn
    An upscale inn that catters to merchants and caravaners looking for a good night’s rest. The inn has a small quite taproom that closes early but serves a decent if overpriced meal as well as drinks. The basement has strongboxes for rent under 24 hour guard. The Inn works hard to maintain its reputation as a safe and secure place for its guest and is owned by Lord Trihammer.
  • The Rythjar (Widow) Houses
    These five boarding houses are owned by the Widow Rythjar and named for a color (white, red, brown, grey, yellow). The widow is a devote worshiper of the divine and keeps a strict house, no alcohol or female company allowed. A simple dinner is included in the rate and her cooking and cleaning staffs is orphans and widows.
  • Stone Hearth
    This is a boarding house for dwarves with an all dwarf staff. It has no tavern, but serves breakfast and dinner (included in the rate) in a cramped common room. Lord Trihammer owns this establishment and thus the staff does not tolerate poor behavior from its patrons.
  • Tarn’s Hold
    A dingy flop house for those with little or no coin. Tarn’s offers bunks stacked to the rafters but little privacy or security. Tarn himself lives in a one room apartment on the first floor and runs the whole business by himself and always looks harried and unrested.
  • White Rook
    An upscale Inn and boarding house know for discerning taste, high rates, and fine food. The dining rooms is a private club whose membership is only offered to the powerful in Mornford, but is open to guest of the Inn as well. The White Rook is the tallest building in Mornford, three stories of guest room and a fourth story holding the servant’s quarters.

Rooms, attics, and cellars are all rented out to individuals by households that have the space and require the income. Real-estate is limited in Mornford so rents are high.

Taverns and Drinking Establishments

  • Horn and Bull
    The Horn and Bull sells hard cider and apple brandy to thirst patrons and is also the top seller of pipe weed in Mornford. The Horn is popular with miners and occasionally has a minstrel or story teller to entertain its clients.
  • The Red Cask
    Named for a bright red wooden cask that hangs from the entrance, this long narrow tavern selling watered wine and small meals to the merchants and artisans of Mornford, this tavern has a quite reserved atmosphere and is very unwelcoming to boisterous individuals especially outsiders.
  • Rusty Pick
    The only thing for sale in this small dingy tavern is hard cider and it is served by the jug. Customers are expected to have their own cups. The Pick has a large cellar, and it is rumored that this cellar is used for dog fights, bare fisted brawls, and the occasional score between patrons settled with knifes.
  • Southhouse
    Ironically this tavern sits on the north side of the river and takes its name from the time it was the southernmost drinking establishment in the Nollan River valley. The Tavern once had an Inn sitting above it, but this space was converted and sold as single room apartments four years ago. The Southhouse serves hard cider, apple brandy, and watered wine, but on the 14th of the month will typically tap a keg of ale to capitalize on the miners pay day to sell this more expensive, but more popular brew.
  • Three Wheels
    A small dirt floor drinking establishment that sells apple brandy and hard cider to mostly wagon loaders, teamsters, mercenary guards, and other who work with caravans, but all are welcome in the Wheels.
  • Tin Lantern
    Named for a magic beat up tin lantern that sheds a pale glow over the whole bar, this tavern is low class and dingy, but popular with miners for it cheap hard cider, wine, and apple brandy. The Lantern does not serve more expensive ale, but occasionally has Halfling moonshine or other cheap spirits.
  • Hippen House Brewery
    A brewery and taproom that mysteriously burned to the ground mysteriously a week before it opened. The owner has not been seen since and is presumed dead.

The Halflings when in camp sell spirits and ale from their tents and these are popular with locals who enjoy the carnival like atmosphere. Both the north and south markets have vendors selling tin mugs of apple brandy mixed with hot cider in the winter for warmth and apple brandy mixed with water in the summer.

Mercantile and Services

  • Town Markets
    From mid-morning to darkness everyday but Sunday merchants sell goods, tools, produce, fish, fowl, and almost anything else from carts or small stalls along North Market Street and South Market Street. Some stalls are permanent others are traveling vendors and products available and quality can vary greatly.
  • Forick the Blacksmith
    Several smiths work at the keep and at the mines, but Forick is Mornfords general blacksmith, specializing in horse shoes, nails, wagon parts, and simple farm tools.
  • Butcher and Slaughterhouse
    This is Mornfords only butcher shop (the Keep has its own private butcher) and is quite large with several apprentices helping the master butcher. The slaughter house is located east of town.
  • Carwinter Ovens and Carwinter GrainerySix large ovens reside in this high roofed building and are kept running nearly 24 hours a day to supply bread to the miners and townfolk. The adjoining warehouse holds the grain Shipments from the Carwinter farms.
  • Dren’s Used Goods
    A ramshackle shop filled with used goods, currently ran by Dren’s daughter Reltha (Dren has grown old and a little senile). Reltha will buy used goods of less than 10gp in value. But rarely has more than 500gp of purchasing power at one time.
  • Gymar’s Jewlery
    The Jewler Gymar buys and sells new and used jewelry as well as uncut stones out of his shop with a residence above. Gymar will also make loans for the right collateral, including mine titles of which he owns several. The shop itself is well protected with iron bared windows, behind iron shutters, and the vault is said to be protected by magic and several stout locks.
  • Isold Warehouse
    A large warehouse used by the Isold family holds mostly wool which it buys directly in front of the warehouse on two large scales it rolls out during business hours.
  • Lewisford Trading Store, Office, and Warehouse
    A general goods store that sell items imported by the merchant house can also arrange special deliveries. A second building holds an office on the first floor and a boarding house for traveling merchants with the Lewisford consortium on the second and third floor. Several large warehouse owned by the Lewisfords hold goods in transit or waiting for pick up.
  • Tanner’s Guild and Tannery
    Mornfords Leather guild sell worked leather goods from this building with a workshop on the second floor and third reserved for sleeping quarters for the apprentices all under the watchful eye of the Guild Master John Tanner. Tanning happens in a small stone building west of town.
  • Furrier
    William the Furrier buys and sells furs (but not fur clothing) out of this small shop that he lives above, he also sells hunting and trapping supplies. William is well respected by the hunters and trappers of the area and they can often be found drinking and telling stories well into the night around the fireplace of his shop. He also has bunk space in the attic that these trappers bed down in when they find themselves in Mornford.
  • Wagonwrite
    Constantly busy this building hums with activity well into the night. The towns wagon write is helped by several apprentices and is still always far behind in his work.

Other Areas of Note

  • The Bridge
    After two years of construction this stone bridge is nearly completed and will replaces the natural ford for which the town is named. The bridge itself is decorated with numerous carvings of the Trihammer family crest and dwarven ruins of strength. A large brass statue of Warick Highhelm has been commissioned to sit at the crest of the bridge.
  • The Cemetery
    Situated on a small hill west of town the cemetery has numerous underground tombs popular with dwarves and more traditional human graves as well as a few above ground crypts for the older families in the valley. A small shrine to Tanis sits at the entrance to the cemetery and the area itself is surrounded with a small 4 foot wall of rough stone.
  • The Farms
    Several small farms surround Mornford and stretch east along the Fillian river. Wheat and potatoes are the two most popular crops, and most farms raise chickens and a few dairy cows as well. In the last few years the farmers have seen the price of food rise drastically and the local farmers who used to scrape by sending food to the garrison in Vadiston now live very comfortably.
  • The Smelter
    Situated in the northeast corner of town this large smelter processes the raw ore into silver. The smelter is run by Lord Trihammer and his houseguard stand watch over the operation. The smelter will only process ore from those with a claim to a mine and the proper tax forms, and the smelter itself takes five percent of silver produced as a fee. A cloud of smoke from the smelter often hangs over Mornford on days when the wind is still.

Places in Mornford

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