People of Mornford

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The Ruling Class

  • Lord Horgun Trihammer: A dwarven merchant who founded the Mornford mines and sits on the Arden Council of Lords.
  • Iloour the Counter: Financer for lord Trihammer and the castellan of the Hammer Hold.
  • John Brass (Capt): The Captain of the Trihammer House guard this human hails from the East and disgraced son of a noble house and former Grey legionnaire
  • Ian Tenantman: The head Tax Collector is a former boarding house owner in Arden who bought this position three weeks before the mines hit the mother load.
  • Warick Lakeborn (Lt.): The self-styled mayor of Mornford the commander of the legion is a quartermaster who earned his post with the help of Lord Trihammer.
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  • Comander Gulston: Leader of the Vadiston garrison a conservative disciplinarian who men either love or hate.
  • Coronel Trembal (Sir): Legate of the South March, a fierce Soldier who lost his arm in the battle of the Nollan River. He is often called “The Baron” though he is only a Knight.

The Merchant Houses of the South

  • Carwinter Holdings: A merchant family that earns it’s silver through the sales of grain, the rental of land, and the numerous mills it owns. The Carwinters have a large grainy in Mornford and also own the recently built mill to more efficiently process grain locally.
  • Lewisford Merchant Consortium: Based in Arden, this is the premier trading company and shipper of goods in the west. They run a general store and large warehouse in Mornford, and anything not in stock can be arranged for a fee.
  • Isold Family: This family controls the wools guild and selling wool, milk, and mutton and shipping the same up the Nollan River to Arden has made them one of the richest families in the Southern Marches.

Men and Women of Commerce

  • Elaina Rythjar (The Widow Rythjar): After her husband died from a mine collapse that revealed a rich vein she sold the mine and used the profits to buy five older houses that she now rents to those who need a room. Each is ran by a mine widow less fortunate and staffed by orphans.
  • Gillette Fartravel: This rotund man operates the Carwinter Grainery and trade warehouse in Mornford.
  • Griz the Butcher: A dwarf who runs Mornfords only butcher shop
  • Gymar The Sly: A thin as rails dwarf who trades in jewelry and uncut stones and will loan money for the right collateral.
  • James Goodwright: Constantly busy, the towns wagon wright is helped by several apprentices and is still always far behind in his work.
  • John Pointesman: A tough as nails former teamster who runs the Lewisford Merchant Warehouse in Mornford
  • John Tanner: Head of the leatherworkers guild in Mornford
  • Travis Drover: Cordinates the Sheepworks and Butchershop in Mornford for the Islod family
  • William the Furrier: Buyer and seller of furs in Mornford, he also sells hunting and trapping supplies
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  • Kernvar Islod (the Elder): The head of the Reavespoint Woolsman Guild, a wealthy land owner, and shipper.
  • Merrin (the Pimp): A half orc who owns Reavespoints largest (and only legal) brothel The Bountiful Feast He send wagons to Mornford in the spring.
  • Rachel Carwinter: Only surviving member of the powerful landowning Carwinter Family, a wizard of some power.
  • William of Lewisford (Sir): The third son of the Lewisford Merchant consortium, young William runs the Reavespoint operation.

Wizards and Magic

  • Hilharth the Transmuter: A jovial wizard who set up shop in Mornford two years ago.
  • Rillam: He is said to be the apprentice of Hilharth but must see him only as a servant.
  • Rhea the Recluse: Said to be a witch and followers of the old ways this grey harried crone lives in a cave north east of Mornford.
    0f Note Outside of Mornford
  • Havlen Dor: A wizard who lives in a large manor just outside of Relfron.
  • Zaga the Witch: A much feared sorceress who dwells in the Hawkwells.

Priests and the Pious

  • Father Avans: The priest of the Church of St. Sorilla a young and eager cleric determined to sway his flock.
  • Father Deeprock: The chapel of the keep is maintained by this dour dwarven priest.
  • Father Traven: A Knight of the Crimson Sun who choose the priesthood in retirment and serves the River Church.
  • Yonhorn of Grimsdale: Scribe at the St. Sorrilla, also writes contracts for the merchants and others in town.
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  • Bishop Ornfeld: Religious leader of the South March and Reavespoint, maintains the Cathedral of the Shining Light.
  • Dolland Toose (Sir): The high paladin of the order of the Crimson Sun assigned to the Cathedral of the Shining Light.

People of Mornford

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