The following represent the starting languages available to PC.

Common: The Standard language of the Nine Kingdoms and Arden. Uses the Thaeten Alphabet

Dwarfish: The language of the dwarf clans. Uses the Runic Alphabet

Elvish: The standard language of the elves who serve the Elf Queen. Uses Elven script

Orcan: The language of orcs, goblins, ogres, and other savage races of the northwest . Uses the Runic Alphabet

Thaeten: The ancient language of the Thaeten Empire that once ruled the lands around Arden. Uses the Thaeten Alphabet

Eastern: The common language of the eastern desert sultanates,uses Elven script

(Thieves) Cant: the slang used by thieves and the lower class in Arden not a true language but bassed on Common.

Little Speak: The language once used by Halflings but rarely used by anyone except the Halfling gypsies. Little speak curse words are common from Halfling barge workers. Uses Elven script

The Cold Tongue: The Language of the human barbarians north of the Shield Mountains. No written form

Motherspeak: The ancient languages of the primal spirits, spoken only by the most devote followers of the primal ways (druids) and primal spirits. Uses a very ancient version of Elven script.

Sipheren: A very old and rare language used by wizards in the Thaeten Empire. Still used today by some magic users, but mostly encountered in the written form. Uses its own highly stylized script.


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