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Grey Legion: This is the name of the army that serves the Free City of Arden. The army takes its name from the plain grey cloaks worn by General Highhelm’s mercenary army.

Rangers: This is the branch of the Gray Legion tasked with keeping watch on the cities enemies north of the Nollan river. All Rangers are experienced soldiers and expert woodsmen, many grew up north of the river or fought in the River War. Rangers do not wear uniforms and most work alone, but all carry a standard issue small silver owl pin, and this has lead the to the colloquial term for them being “Owls”. Rangers occasionally are also used to track wanted criminals north or south of the river.

Slavers: Slavery is illegal in the lands of the free city, but slaves can fetch a high price north of the river. These slaves are coveted by the forces of Everson. Some slaves are matched north to Three Fingers and sold to Northmen, used to help excavate the great black city under the ice.

Smuggling: goods are smuggled into Arden to avoid taxes (see below) or questions. There is nothing that is illegal in Arden, but some items may raise the guards suspicions and be reported to the watch captain or detained until a higher authority will give clearance. People are smuggled into Arden to avoid criminal warrants or because they don’t want a record of their travel. The most lucrative smuggling activity is the highly illegal trading of goods with humanoids from north of the Nollan river, known as “north shore trading”. Good coin can be made by those who avoid the authorities and survive the double crossing by their clients. The most popular trade goods are weapons, armor, and booze. Most smuggling of this sort is made by late night barge landings on prearranged sections of the north shore.


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