A Holy Hammer bane of Demons and Devils

weapon (melee)

A black wrought iron handle wrapped with faded read leather holds a cold forged iron head held down with silver bands.

Dawnbreaker is a two handed plus 2 war hammer that does 1d10 points of damage. It does double damage (2d10 plus 4) to extra planar beings or those with close ties (such as clerics) of primal powers and is a at a plus 4 bonus to hit. In the hands of a Member of a martial order of the divine (Order of the Crimson Sun, Sword, Spear of St Laura, or The Knights of Divine Rule) it can create light on demand, and cast the following spells once per day as a 10th level caster, Cure Serious Wounds, Circle of Protection, and Spiritual Hammer (this spiritual hammer does double damage versus creatures that Dawnbreaker would cause double damage to as well).



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