Bra'aq Land Strider

Forrest Gump as an Elven Ranger


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Brief Character History

Nae Utinu is the fifth son of an influential and wealthy elven Lord, from the House Anoron’anar. Each of his brothers became accomplished sorcerers, and each of them in turn died trying to recover an ancient elven artifact from venerable lich. It was said that this powerful relic once belonged to the Anoron’anar bloodline. Nae Utinu’s father has been obsessed with reclaiming this item and as such has sacrificed four of his sons for this mad quest. When Nae Utinu came of age, he decided he would not follow the path of the wizard, and instead disappeared one evening taking what valuables he could carry and slightly fled into the deep woods. Since then, his father has been searching for him, sending trackers across the land looking for any sign of his son.

Nae Utinu dyed his hair to hide his sun elf heritage and took the name ‘Bra’aq Land Strider’ to his disguise nobility. Bra’aq resolved to follow the path of the woodsman and wandered the land for the last 10 years until his travels have eventually led him to the river city of Arden. It is here where his tale begins and where the life of Nae Utinu Anoron’anar ends…

Description & Personality

Nae Utinu is lean, but not overly muscular elven male. Since his race hides their age well, all but the aged appear to be youthful. His normally straw colored hair has been dyed a deep brown to hide his Sun Elf lineage. While he can hide his mane of golden hair, he cannot hide his watery green eyes, which seem to have an unnatural sheen to them; his too is a trait among his noble bloodline. Nae Utinu possess an unnatural grace when he walks; his steps are light and rarely heard. Nae Utinu is a relatively healthy male who rarely falls ill for very long and has been known to ‘stride’ for several hours in a day. While Nae Utinu he possess a limited amount of formal education, there is a simple and profound wisdom to him when speaks. Though not many would know from spending time with him as he rarely speaks, ‘only when he needs to’ is what he says if anyone asks

Bra'aq Land Strider

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