O.S.M. and Friends

Plot To Date

A bare bones recap

After finding the Wizard Raylor dead and sealing the portal to the strange realm the party returned to Reavespoint. Bent on finding a suit of dwarven armor Ragnor asked the party to travel to the mining town of Mornford to find a smith among the many dwarves who call it home. Posing as wine merchants (the ever full bottle of magical wine supplying their purchased barrels) the party purchased a wagon and took the five day journey to Mornford. Along the way they met a jovial dwarf named Brissen who purchased the bar drinks.

Arriving in Mornford the party heard several rumors, but decided that slaying Orcs would be their best bet and gathered information from Brom Fenris the only surviving member of the Fenris clan who was offering the reward. After hiring a young scout named Young Karl they headed off into the mountains to try and find the lair of the Blood Fur Orcs and claim the head of the Half Ogre Chief.

Before reaching the lair they were ambushed by large orcs, stronger than normal orcs these brutes were nearly naked, but covered in scabs, scars, and sores. Dispatching the strangely diseased orcs the party moved on eventually finding a water filled cave and signs of orc tracks leading in.

The cave was large, filled with a slow moving river feed from a waterfall above the entrance. The water was filled with hundreds of bones of goblins, orcs and a few humans. Small albino freshwater crabs picked through these bones. Wandering the caves the party soon disturbed a crab of great proportions but managed to fight it off sending it wounded down into a deep hole beneath a rock.

Moving on the party soon discovered deeper in the cave a underground waterfall plunging into the darkness and beyond this worked stone and tracks the lead to an area with the look of habitation including the waste of several broken crates, barrels, and discarded junk, among which he party was attacked by several small, but poisons looking centipedes.

Venturing down the hallway further the party was suddenly attack by arrows from the darkness. Cautiously approaching they found four orcs wearing blood soaked furs and rough armor (but no signs of the disease on the orcs found earlier). Soon dispatching the orcs the last one raced to a stout metal door pounding to be let in to no avail. The party regrouped and picked the lock. Finding a long man made corridor and a large lever. Unsure on what the lever did the party moved down the hallway but accidently triggered a pressure plate. Working together they avoided the other plates and found a lever on the far end of the hall as well. Assuming this lever disarmed the trap the pulled it as well and the party escaped the hall unharmed. Exiting the iron door on the far end of the hall the party heard a commotion; they soon found several orcs tormenting a dog. The party rushed in and was subsequently slaughtered after a string of bad luck, only Radnor survived the melee. Gathering the loot from his companions and taking the dog with him he quickly buried his companions and returned to town.

Radnor decided to wait for his armor to be completed, but soon Mornford was filled with the rumors of a Lewisford Consortium caravan being raided by orcs and that Coronel Trembal of Reavespoint was going to send a contingent of soldiers to deal with it. Speculation was the caravan was transporting a magic sword of some kind and this was the true reason for the Legions sudden interest in the Orcs. Regardless of why the local prospectors grumbled that mines got hit for months with no action and one caravan gets destroyed and the legion comes running.

Wanting to claim the 5,000 gold pieces reward, a new party was formed. This party headed first to the site of the caravan’s attack for a quick investigation afterwards, but finding no clear evidence that it was Orcs or if it was someone framing the Orcs the party then headed to the orc lair, that night they were attacked by strange dogs, large and hairless these dogs had the same diseased look as the strange orcs the (other) party had encountered.

Returning to the lair the party found little changed, fought its way through more orcs and then made its way down to the lower level. This area seemed to be the main habitat of the orcs, and the party again fought its way through several guard posts, even slaying two ogres.

Eventually the party wandered down a long unused corridor sloping down into the earth. The passage ended in a small room, much colder than it had a right to be, and the room was dominated by a huge stone “sarcophaguses” 12 feet long, 6 feet wide and 5 feet tall. The lid of the sarcophagus was locked to the bottom by 6 huge silvery pad locks. Getting a bad feeling from the sarcophagus the party decided not to mess with it.

Continuing further into the lair the party found more guards squabbling over a backpack, after dispatching the guards the party crossed a bridge over a subterranean river and found a large iron door. Knocking they discovered dwarves voices after a brief talk the dwarves agreed to let them in. Once in they found several dwarves in a living quarters wearing full plate, talkative, but armed and clearly something was amiss. The dwarves soon made it clear they were allies of the orcs, but did see the characters as a threat, eventually the character attacked the dwarves and the melee resulted in two dead dwarves but two dwarves escaped. Wounded the party quickly looted the dwarves, and among their papers found letters implying another dwarf was working with someone in Mornsford (see Letters Found in Dwarven Barracks in Bloodcloak Orc Lair ).

Knowing the dwarves had alerted the orcs the party made for the abandoned room with the large sarcophagus to hide out and heal. Emerging hours later they explored further killing more orcs and found a large armory filled with weapons, which gave the impression the orcs were stockpiling weapons.

Next they wandered into a candle filled room with and orc shaman dedicated to Orcus. After defeating the shaman and his zombie haram the party found a secret door hiding a stairway leading down into a series of caverns and ramps leading down even further. The party was ambushed by a large undead abomination of multiple creatures sewn together but was able to defeat it.

They next encountered the tomb of the orcs, a cavern filled with dozens of dead orcs standing on stone pedestals posed with weapons but in various states of decay. The party started hacking the orcs up so they could loot them and it brought them to life. Using the cleric’s protection from undead spell the party was able to stay protected and knock off the undead orcs slowly but surely. Eventually the undead orcs were defeated and they reached a large door.

Behind the door they found a small room, a line of powdered silver right over the threshold of the door and beyond it a pile of stones top with rough wooden planks and upon the planks a skeletal orc dressed in rusted armor but clutching a shining two handed sword. Entering the room the party was soon set upon by shadows and the animated corpse of the orc. Another deadly combat but the party survived, and claimed the magic sword for themselves.

After another recovery period the party emerged from the secret cavern to find the orc lair in disarray. It was clear someone had come through the cavern and slaughtered the orcs. Scouting around they found a prison and torture chamber, the orc living quarters, a river area with several boats, and the throne room of the orcs.

They cautiously exited the caves to find the Grey legion camped outside, recovering from wounds. They discovered the about two score of legionaries from the Vadiston barracks, led by an experienced dwarf Lt. Woodburn, and under the command of Sir Harmon Gree, a young (and inexperienced) knight recently arrived from the western kingdoms and a dozen of his men at arms. Sir Harmon had been tasked by Col, Trembal to stop the orc problem in Mornford and the legion killed the half ogre.

The party traveled back to Mornford with the legion and settled in selling their loot and brewing potions. The second night in town they were woken from their sleep by the church bells ringing and after donning armor rushed out to find the soon to be open Hippon House Brewery burning. Joining the bucket line the fire was eventually extinguished. The rumors swirled around town that it was orcs who burned the building down, the party talked to a few witnesses a drunken dwarf and a child who had seen the fur coved hollering orcs leave boats from the river and throw oil and torches in the brewery. Suspicious of how orcs made it by the river gates they went to inspect the towers only to find the house guards of Lord Trihammer arguing with the legionaries guarding the walls. The characters were not given a chance to talk to the guards but witnessed Trihammer himself come down and berate the guard before taking him to the keep.



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