O.S.M. and Friends

Bra'aq's Journal

A Simpleton's Account

Bra’aq had been on the run now for what seemed like years…how many years? Who could say? Bra’aq couldn’t. Why? Bra’aq doesn’t count so well. Bra’aq had inadvertently wandered into this place looking for shelter, and instead found this dungeon to be infested with inedible worms. Worse yet, these things didn’t die; they just took a different form every time you killed it. Bra’aq’s situation seemed a bit dire when by chance a party of adventurers came bursting into the room, trying to kill the worm-thing.

With determination and grit, he and these others managed to defeat the worm-thing. After which time, they found another room, filled with nothing but writhing, squishy worms. They promptly exited that room and found a room filled with old, rotted books. The dwarf that Bra’aq met up with stated that these books were worthless and then the adventurers went down a pit and into a secret tunnel, which lead them into a room filled with broken glass.

Bra’aq is beginning to wonder if he was better off with bounty hunters outside the dungeon…Bra’aq will wait it out. He thinks the dwarf might be clever enough to get them out.



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